Josh Garrels

Children Of The Earth Chords

Josh Garrels

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jov%2Dcorrea

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Children Of The Earth

Capo on 3rd fret
  		You are welcome to email me with any questions: [email protected] 


*For simplicity's sake, I'm writing A7, even though it is actually an A7sus4 
 Likewise for the D/F#, it's actually G/F#, or something like that. 

G D/F# Em C (3x)   A7  C  G 

D/F#            Em    C    G 
Children of the Earth 
     D/F#         Em    C    G 
Once dust but now life 
D/F#               Em        C       G    D/F#         Em    C    G 
Livin' in tents of flesh and bone, behold spiritual warfare 
      D/F#     Em       C    G 
Set a flame in my heart 
      D/F#        Em         C    G 
Illuminate the darkest hours 
        D/F# Em          C   
Where I wait, before the dawn 
   A7                    C                   G 
To see the Glory and the Power, of the Lord 

D/F#   Em    C    G    

    D/F#     Em    C    G 
The Older we become 
        D/F#               Em    C    G 
We must become more like a child 
D/F#                Em             C          G    D/F#              Em    C    G 
Believing there's a land that lies beyond all the, things that we've seen 
        D/F#      Em         C    G 
Make my mind free from fears 
                 D/F#        Em    C    G 
You know I can't do it on my own 
            D/F#    Em         C      A7   
They way is hard but, we could fly over 
                  C              G 
When you hear the wings, we sing 

D/F#   Em    C    G 
Hallelujah (4x) 

Dodadoo's over intro. 

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G D/F# Em C A7 E|--3----3----3----3----3 B|--3----3----3----3----3 G|--0----0----0----0----2 D|--0----0----2----2----2 A|--2----x----2----3----0 E|--3----2----0----x----x
Chords are over the right words, it's a little funny to play with at first, but if you keep the beat, it works out alright.

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