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Born Again Chords

Josh Garrels

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tarikike

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Born Again

  		Intro:   B,  A,  B,  A 
verse 1 
I came into the world, into the wild 
No place for a child 

Used my voice to how 
With the ghouls of night 
In the dying light 
Had to learn to get what I need 

In the dark, empty 
Instincts are guiding me 
Like a beast to some blood 
And I can?t get enough 
I?m losing control; my body, my soul 
Are slowly fading away 
But I?m ready now 
To feel the power of change 

B I?m my mother?s child A I?m my father?s son B It took me awhile A But my time has come B A To be born again To be born again
(Intro) verse 2 B Running scared in between what I hate And what I need A Savior and enemy are both trying B To take my soul A And I can?t hide no more B Stumble out to the light A Raise my fist up to fight Then I catch your eye B So full of love A Lord, what have I done? B I cry at your feet, wounded for me A And all of the monsters and men B But here in your light A We can begin again Chorus (Outro) B, A, B, A

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