Jordan Howerton Band

We Are Free

Jordan Howerton Band

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We Are Free

Intro: B C#m G#m E
verse 1 

B C#m G#m E 
You have spoken Your words of life to me 
B C#m G#m E 
Through You I'm free 
B C#m G#m 
Through Your cross, I'm made new 
E B  
All my hope is found in You.  
 C#m G#m E 
We are redeemed 

 B C#m 
Shout believe it, Everybody sing it 
B/D# E 
Satan is defeated, Jesus is alive 
B C#m 
Believe it, Everybody sing it 
G#m E  
 We are free 

verse 2 

I was broken, You brought a brand new day 
You made a way 
In all things we are more, More than conquerors 
Death has no sting 

Bridge: E F# G#m B 
We are free. 

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