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Jordan Howerton Band

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	  		verse 1 
       G                D 
God I need You, I'm so empty 
        Em                  C 
Spirit fill me, with Your mercy 
              G                    D 
'Cause this world, it has nothing for me 
      Em                 C 
Only Your love can sustain me 

Am                   G/B                   C 
 I lift my voice and lift my hands, 'cause You are here 

      G                  C 
God when my world falls down You're all I need 
Em               C 
'Cause You are everything 
      G                 C 
When all I have is gone You're all there will be 
Em              C 
'Cause you are everything 

verse 2 
           G                       D 
I'm moving forward, from where I've been 
               Em                       C 
I need You to lead me, I need You to hold me 
             G                       D 
'Cause this world, it has nothing for me 
      Em                  C 
Only Your love can sustain me 

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