Jordaan Mason And The Horse Museum

Organs For Oceans

Jordaan Mason And The Horse Museum

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Organs For Oceans

Capo on 2nd fret

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Intro (First two lines of verse 1 & 2) E||-0----------------0-----------| B||-1--0h1p0---------0--0----0---| G||-2---------2------0-----0---0-| D||-2------------0---2-----------| A||-0----------------2-----------| E||------------------0-----------|
He slept in my bed after I filled his body With insects and panic and grandfather sewn seeds C Em C Em I was useless inside him; trade organs for oceans C Em Am Em Is there a vaccine for this? C Em Am Em To clean out all the unborn kids? C Em (x4) Ohhhhhhh He broke me good where the landlord left scars Emptied all the bedrooms to reclaim the stretch marks C Em We were to our throats in grass C Em We tore down the treehouses C Em Am Em And our brothers were kindling C Em Am Em for the love songs that we couldn't sing C Em (x4) Ohhhhhh
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Final verse fingerpicking (first 4 lines) E||-------------------|------------------| B||-------------------|------------------| G||----------0--------|----------0-------| D||-----2-------(x4)--|-----2-------(x4)-| A||--3-----3----------|-------2----------| E||-------------------|---0--------------|
'Cause we drowned all our songs in the bathtub You could hear them way up in the rafters And the preachers sleeping in the attic Stole them all for scriptures C Em C Em We sing nothing now, our mothers ask us how C Em C Em We pray with lights out for songs to fill our mouths C Em (x4) Ohhhhhh

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