Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell

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Verse 1:

Eb Three waitresses all wearing black diamond earrings Abm Eb Talking about zombies and Singapore slings Eb No trouble in their faces, not one anxious voice Abm Eb None of the crazy you get from too much choice Abm Eb The thumb and the satchel or the rented Rolls-Royce Bbm Fm And you think she knows something by the second refill Eb Gm You think she's enlightened and she totals your bill Abm Eb You say "Show me the way to Barangrill"

Verse 2:

Eb Well some say it's in service, they say "Humble Makes Pure" Abm Eb You're hoping it's near Folly, 'cause you're headed that way for sure Eb And you just have to laugh 'cause it's all so crazy Abm Eb Ah, her mind's on her boyfriend and eggs over easy Bbm Fm It's just a trick on you her mirrors and your will Eb Gm So you ask the truck driver on the way to the till Abm Db Eb But he's just a slave to Barangrill

Verse 3:

Eb The guy at the gas pumps He's got a lot of soul Abm Eb He sings Merry Christmas for you just like Nat King Cole Eb Bbm And he makes up his own tune right on the spot Abm Eb About whitewalls and windshields and this job he's got Bbm And you want to get moving and you want to stay still Eb Bb But lost in the moment some longing gets filled Abm Ebm Eb Bbm And you even forget to ask: "Hey, where's Barangrill?"

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