Jones Street Station


Jones Street Station

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Capo on 4th fret

(verse 1) 
                C                               G 
I saw your face before you came 
                C                               G 
Hope upon hope day after day 
                        C                               G 
Now that you're here I'll keep you safe 
Am                  C             D 
No one will take you away 
                C                       G 
Year after year it's all the same 
                C                       G 
Criminals win and widows pay 
                C                               G 
A pile of sand form shattered pearls 
Am                 C                   D 
Beauty will not save the world 
n.C                             G                                      D 
But won't you walk with me underneath the pine trees 
                            Am       C  D G 
Promise that we can be evergreen 

verse 2 (as 1) 
Won't you tread softly in my home 
We have a child trying to grow 
It's dark outside but light in here 
Why can't it shine just one more year 
Maybe the time has finally come 
When hope has died and fear has won 
A snowy dream covered in stains 
Everyone slowly goes grey 
Am                              C           Am                        C 
All your friends and lovers sisters and your brothers 
Am                              C          Am                 D 
Flowers in the summer sun bright for a day 
Repeat Chorus x3 

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