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Dead Come To Life Chords

Jonathan Thulin

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by abelamin

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Dead Come To Life

Intro Am F Dm G 

verse 1 
Am        F                    G       Em                        
I am the living dead,  
Am        F                    G       Em 
you are the opposite 
Am        F                          G                  Em 
We're like fire and ice only one can survive 
Am        F                    G       Em 
My will's departed 

Pre Chorus:  
Dm Em           Am              G 
Light      is in your eyes reaching to mine 
Dm Em Am F  
I Am 

Am F A valley of bones covered in stone Dm G Nothing more than human Am F Into the unknown body and soul Dm G You're calling me cause only with you the Am F Dm G Dead come to life, dead come to life G Am Only with you the dead come to life, F Dm G Dead come to life
verse 2 Am F G Em I Am A foreigner, Am F G Em caught in the crossfire Am F G Em I am paralyzed by the battle cries Am F G Em Can you hear it. Pre Chorus: Chorus: Bridge: Dm Em Am G We are the dry and thirsty sand Dm Em Am G Upon this dry and thirsty land Dm Em Am But you speak life into the flesh G Am F Am G Breathing air into the dead dead Am F Dm G Chorus:

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