Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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	  		Intro:  Am  C  G  D 

Am C G D I break, I borrow, I live, I loose Am C G D I pray, I am hollowed, I am dead, confused Am I ll find you
(Pausa) Am C What is love and what is it for G D I am stuck outside an open door Am C And no one is come to get me yet D I never got a second bet Am C I am welcomed to your fantasy G D If only she was make-believe Am C Oh what is love and what is it for? G D Oh take me back and do me more G D Ooh take me back and do me more
Am C Once you are here you are never gone G D Oh, once you're here you're never gone Am C I fall from in out the cold G D A piece of me that I can't hold Am C I love you as I loose you more G D I break outside this open door Am C Catch me as I wash away G D Oh, catch me as I wash away Am C Ooh, catch me as I wash away
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