Jonathan David Helser

On The Shores

Jonathan David Helser

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On The Shores

Intro:  G  G/B  C 

verse 1 
         G                             G/B  C 
On the shores of my soul I give you permission 
    G            G/B C 
To wash my tears away 
     G               G/B   C 
And take all my disappointment 
     G                    G/B  C 
And fill me with joy once again 

           Em       Bm  
I?m gonna sing out loud  
            Em       Bm  
And let my voice be heard 
        Em          Bm  
It?s a song of victory  
          Em            Bm  
And it?s ringing in the earth 

verse 2 
        G                  G/B   C 
On the top of my cage I am sitting 
  G                G/B  C 
Above the shame so lonely 
      G               G/B   C 
Your kindness it has lifted me 
    G               G/B  C 
To see the way that you see 

      C G 

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