Jonathan David Helser

Faith Is Rising

Jonathan David Helser

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Faith Is Rising

	  		||: Bb / / Eb / / | Bb / / Eb / / | Bb / / Eb / / | F / / / / :|| 

(verse 1) 
Bb Eb Bb Eb 
Faith is rising, I am seeing 
Bb Eb F 
You are smiling over me 

Gm F Eb Bb 
Perfect love is filling us 
Eb Bb Eb Bb 
Fear is fleeing, fear is leaving 
Gm F | Eb / / | (to the top) 
Perfect love is singing over me 
(verse 2) 
Faith is rising, I am hearing 
You are laughing at my enemies 

Bb Eb Bb Eb 
 I'm your beloved, I'm your beloved 
Bb Eb F 
 I'm your beloved 

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