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I Can't See The Smoke From Here Chords

Jonas Alaska

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by adalgomes

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I Can't See The Smoke From Here

Intro E 

Verse 1:

E Like i'm running from a lion B Flying up a tree A Half the world is dying B Drowning in the sea E There are soldiers in the streets now B People picking fights A Everyone's got problems B And everyone's got right C#m F#m B I wanna do something good F#m A/G# A And care about the way things rolling C#m F#m B I wanna do what i should E A But i don't know what to put my heart and soul in D A7 E So i give in to anything clear G# A B E B7 A Cause i can't see the smoke from here

Verse 2:

E When life becomes a number B Heartbreaking and cold A Floating around like lumber B Young as well as old E Washed up on the beaches B Face down in the sand A You're out giving speeches B While i play in a band C#m F#m B And that is all that i do F#m A/G# A My hearts a messs and my mind is hazy C#m F# B Wish i was more like you E A I'm selfish i'm bored and i'm lazy D A7 E And i try to keep everything near G# A B C#m Cause i can't see the smoke from here


C#m What's that on the horizon F#m There beyond the fence E Another sun is rising A Shinig through the lense C#m Is that a little baby F#m On her brother's dying back E Well i'm not sure but A B7 Maybe this is not some hidden virus ridden devious attack

Verse 3:

E No more nice illusions B No more right or wrong A There are kids in institutions B Whispering all night long E Waiting for tomorrow B Hearing grown up's talk A Tremb'ling like a sparrow B And searching like a hawk C#m F#m B Now, people aren't good or bad F#m A/G# A But somebody will always be an idiot C#m F#m B Maybe the world's going mad E A Someone might be trying to get rid of it D A7 E Well i try not to think about fear G#m A B Cause i can't see the smoke G#m A B I can't see the smoke G#m A B C#m Now, i can't see the smoke from here

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