Jon Williamson

Home Among the Gum Trees

Jon Williamson

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Home Among the Gum Trees

	  		Intro: (two beats per chord)G Em Am D7 
      G               Em                Am            D7 
I've been around the world a couple of times or maybe more 
      Am               D7                      G       D7 
I've seen the sights I had delights on every foreign shore 
     G            Em              Am                 D7 
But when my mates all ask me the place that I adore 
   Am        D7    G 
I tell them right away 
G Em Am D7 Give me a home among the gum trees Am D7 With lots of plum trees G D7 A sheep or two, a kangaroo G Em A clothes line out the back Am D7 Verandah out the front Am D7 G And an old rocking chair
Interlude: C G Safeways on the corner And a Woolworths down the street D7 And a new world's just been opened G Where they regulate the heat G7 C G But I'd trade all tomorrow for a simple bush retreat D7 Where the kookaburras sing (Back to Chorus) tabbed by kas10 -bless the broken road forever

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