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Jon Lajoie

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Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: C 


C                 Am 
Girl you broke my heart 
C           Am 
left me for another 
C                    Am 
thought you were the one 
C                Am 
we´d be togehter forever 

Pre Chorus/Chorus: 

F                       G 
but when you decided to cheat on me 
C        B/C        Am 
you were forgetting something 
F                     G 
all the videos of you mastrubating 
C        B/C      Am 
that you made for me 
F                             G 
the dildos, the gagballs, the lingerie 
C             B/C        Am          
the anelbeans one was my fav 
F                               G            
and when you were making them it never occurred  
C      B/C          Am 
to you to hide your face 
silly girl 
F                          G 
guess what I´m doing right now 
F                    G 
don´t worry I won´t do that 
F               G 
not putting them online 
F                     G 
I´m just sending them all 
to your dad  

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