Jon Lajoie

Birthday Song

Jon Lajoie

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Birthday Song

It's your birthday today, 

what does that mean? I guess I'll try to explain, 
that twenty-one years ago on this day, 
            A                                         D      
it was the first time your parents saw your beautiful face, 

and nine months before that magical day, 

your dad probably took your mom out on a date, 
and they were having a good time, 
they were dancing and drinking wine, 

(optional used on an episode of The League) D G A happy birthday, B G happy birthday, A D happy birthday,
D and when they got home they were horny as hell, and your dad threw your mom down on the bed, G and he tore her panties off, D and his penis was hard as a rock, and then your mom really wanted to give your dad head, but your dad also wanted to give your mom head, G so they formed a sixty-nine, D and your mom came at least three times, D and then your dad was so excited to get inside your mom , that he forgot to put a condom on, G and when he realized his mistake, A D he had ejaculated and it was too late, D G A and then your mom got pregnant, D G and your dad started crying, D A he wanted your mom to get an abortion, D G but your mom wanted a child, A and nine months later your were born, G D and five months later your parents got a divorce

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