Johnny Flynn

Linden Lea

Johnny Flynn

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Linden Lea

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: Am 
       F  Am  C  G  C   
       C  F  Am  G  
       Am  G  F  G 
       C  F  Am  G  C 

Within the woodlands, flowery gladed, 
F                 Am  G C 
By the oak tree's mossy moot, 

The shining grass-blades, timber-shaded, 
F             Am    G 
Now do quiver under foot; 
             Am          G 
And birds do whistle overhead, 
            F               G 
And water's bubbling in its bed, 
And there for me the apple tree 
   F                Am  G  C 
Do lean down low in Linden Lea. 

When leaves that lately were a-springing 
F               Am G   C 
Now do fade within the copse, 

And painted birds do hush their singing 
F           Am     G 
Up upon the timber tops; 
                 Am                G 
And brown-leaved fruit's a-turning red, 
             F             G 
In cloudless sunshine, overhead, 
With fruit for me, the apple tree 
   F                Am G   C 
Do lean down low in Linden Lea. 

Let other folk make money faster 
F             Am   G      C 
In the air of dark-roomed towns, 

I don't dread a peevish master; 
F                Am      G 
Though no man do heed my frowns, 
     Am          G 
I be free to go abroad, 
         F                G 
Or take again my homeward road 
To where, for me, the apple tree 
   F                Am G   C 
Do lean down low in Linden Lea. 

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