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There Ain't No Good Chain Gang Chords

Johnny Cash

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There Ain't No Good Chain Gang

	  Capo 1st Fret 
Key of Bb 
Play key of A 
Bet it ain't rainin back hom 
Bet your sisters still on the phone 
    D                      A            F#7        
Bet mama's in the kitchen, cookin fried chicken 
A             E          A 
Wishin that I hadnt done wrong 
Well mama dont you worry bout it none though 
Everythins gonna be alright mama 
They're teachin us a lot of new things in here mama 
Things like: 
There ain't no good in an evil-hearted woman 
And I ain't cut out to be no Jesse James 
        D                          A              F#7  
And you dont go writin hot checks, down in Mississippi 
          D     C  A    C     A               
And there ain't no good chain gang 
Papa's readin yesterdays mail 
Wishin that the hay was all baled 
I bet he's wishin, we could go fishin 
Here I am a layin in jail 
Well papa dont you worry bout it now papa 
Everythins gonna be alright papa 
Theryre teachin us a lesson a day were learnin pretty well 
Weve already learned a whole lot of stuff already 
Things Like: 
CHORUS x2 to fade 

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