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Next In Line Chords

Johnny Cash

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Next In Line

	  Capo 2 
The next in line will be someone who loves you  
The next in line is me, 'cause it's my time  
    F                             C 
Now how long will it be, till you end my misery  
D                                 G  
You better be prepared to linger, when you get to me  
The time has come for you to love me, if you ever are  
Come to me now, so I can make you mine  
  F                                 C 
I watched them rush to you so fast, I waited so I'd be the last  
D                    G               C     D  
It's my time, 'cause I'm the next in line  
Solo (in D) 
The next in line will want your love forever  
The next in line is me and here I am  
     G                   D  
Give me a day or two and I'll get through to you  
      E7                              A     
You'd been my baby long ago, if you'd turned down a few  
This old heart can't take much more waitin' for your love  
I'm tired and we're runnin' short of time  
     G                          D         
I'll make you love me more than everyone before  
        G                   A               D 
It's my time to try, 'cause I'm the next in line  
I stood and watched you take their hearts and break 'em one by one  
My time is comin', so I waited while you had your fun  
A                               E 
Now I'm through a-waitin' way behind  
F#                   B               E 
It's my time, 'cause I'm the next in line 

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