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I've Been Around Enough to Know Chords

John Schneider

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I've Been Around Enough to Know

	  INTRO:  A  D  E  A 
Hush, don't talk now 
It won't change any D thing any A how 
Just D hold me while the A shadows bring us E near 
I know you're A not in E love with A me 
I'm not asking D you to A be 
And D there's no use pre A tending E why we're A here 

You don't need to E try and A fool me You don't D need to lead me A on You don't need to E say you A love me D I've been A around E enough to A know E A D A
Wait, don't tell a lie 'Cause I just might be leavin' tonight And I know you're only trying to ease your mind But don't worry, it's alright I don't care if it's wrong or it's right Just hold me close and love me one more time Chorus You don't need to say you love me I've been around enough to know. OUTRO: A E A

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