John Lennon

Sunday Bloody Sunday

John Lennon

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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Intro E  G  A 

Verse 1:

E Well it was sunday, bloody sunday When they shot the people there The cries of thirteen martyrs Filled the free Derry air

Verse 2:

G Is there any one among you Dare to blame it on the kids? A Not a soldier boy was bleeding When they nailed the coffin lidds!
B A Sunday bloody sunday G B Bloody sunday's the day

Verse 3:

E You claim to be majority Well you know that it's a lie You're really a minority Oh this sweet emerald isle

Verse 4:

G When Stormont bans our marchers They've got a lot to learn A Internment is no answer It's those mother's turn to burn!
B A Sunday bloody sunday G B Bloody sunday's the day!
Solo E G A

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