John Lennon

In My Life

John Lennon

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In My Life

Written by Paul Mccartney,john Lennon

G  D   G   D  

            G      D     Em      G7 
There are places I'll remember  
    C   Cm            G  
All my life, though some have changed.   
G              D       Em      G7 
Some forever, not for better   
          C   Cm        G  
Some have go  ne  , and some remain.   
           Em                  C  
All these places had  their  moments,   
    F                      G  
With lovers and friends  I still recall.   
         Em                 A7  
Some are dead and some are  living,   
   Cm            G  
In my  life I've loved them all.   

G                  D          Em       G7    
But of all these friends and lovers,   
         C   Cm        G  
There is no  one com  pares with you.   
G                   D           Em          
And these mem'ries lose their meaning,   
             C   Cm       G  
When I think of  love as something new.   
       Em                         C  
Tho' I know  I'll  never lose affection   
      F                     G  
For people and things that went before,   
  Em                               A7  
I know I'll often stop and think about them.   
   Cm         G  
In My  Life I love you more.   
   Cm                 G  
In My  Life I love you more.  


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