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	  		C  C/G#  C/A  C7  F  C 
   C                 C/G# 
People say we got it made 
     C/A                    C7 
Don't they know we're so afraid? 
 F  C 

We're afraid to be alone 
Everybody's got to have a home 
Just a boy and a little girl 
Trying to change the whole wide world 
The world is just a little town 
Everybody trying to put us down 
F G     F  C 

  C                G F                G  C 
I don't expect you     to understand 
                   G F              G F 
After you've caused    so much pain 
                G F                    G F 
But then again,    you're not to blame 
		        G  F             G  C  C/G# C/A C7  F  C 
You're just a human, a victim of the insane 

We're afraid of everyone 
Afraid of the sun 
The sun will never disappear 
But the world may not have many years 

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