John Gorka

Chance Of Rain

John Gorka

chords Intermediate intermediate


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Chance Of Rain

Capo on 5th fret

th Fret 

Intro: G  C  F  Dm7  G   (2x)    

          C                F   Dm7  G 
There's a chance of rain today 
      C                 F    Dm7  G 
Not unlike the last few days 
      C              F    Dm7  G 
And before then, you know 
          C                F    Dm7  G 
There had been a chance of snow 

       C                   F    Dm7  G 
If you choose the carefree life 
        C                  F     Dm7  G 
All the world in black and white 
         C               F   Dm7  G 
You will have it figured out 
          C                F    Dm7  G 
The empty soul that has no doubt 

   Dm7        C         F        G 
Is this dance friction, pleasure touch 
      Dm7   C         F       G 
Don't worry you won't get too much 
   Dm7       C       F     G 
No offs, no  ?  to rise above 
Never have a shot at love 
Dm7                  C 
Never get in closer now 

Verse Lead-in: G  C  F  Dm7  G   (2x) 

          C            F    Dm7  G 
Forget pursuit of happiness 
         C              F   Dm7  G 
A little break is all I ask 
         C            F     Dm7  G 
Each day is an act of faith 
              C                F    Dm7  G 
'Cause living things are never safe 

   Dm7  C        F      G 
Simplicity's the coming trend 
  Dm7            C     F      G 
Trends leave you empty in the end 
     Dm7  C      F         G 
They only brush across the face 
        F               Dm7    C          
But the heart is not a simple place 

OUTRO: G  C  F  Dm7  G   (## repeat 12+x and fade to end ##) 

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