John Galm

Ink Elephants

John Galm

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Ink Elephants

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Intro riff E||------------------------------| B||------------------------------| G||--0--0--0---------------------| D||--0--0--0---------------------| x8 A||--2--2--0h2p0-----------------| E||--3--3--3---------------------|
G Em Inking up, it wasn?t half as fun A7 As you dreamt it?d be D7 Is it my dear? G Em You were bright, for almost one whole night A7 D7 But then came all the callings, the longing, the crying, the tears C G So I'll bid you adieu C G So long, fare thee well Am I can't contemplate my greatness D7 While I'm shackled next to hell C G Letting the heat absorb my body Am Em But I'll never get the burn C D Though you might get lonely baby G It ain't your turn (Riff) G Em Growing up, I never interrupt A7 My brothers fisticuffs D7 With my face G Em He would go, punching me in the throat A7 Now those days are gone D7 I've grown up, I've changed C G So the beatings must end C G I mean this to offend Am D7 But I had better be unconscious if I sleep with you again C G Am Em You're like Jesus in the morning, but you?re Judas after ten C D Though you might get horny baby G I ain't your friend (Riff) G Em Doors are closed, animals in their homes A7 It's easier to live alone D7 Then against the grid G Em The bed is made, its dirty but it's safe A7 It's brilliance was robbed that day D7 so now I keep it hid C G If I am in your town C G I?ll see you around Am It's not hard to spot you walking D7 Since you step like such a clown C G Where I can see a patch of smog above Am Em I know you can be found C D Though you might forgive me baby G G7 I'm finished now C G Where I can see a patch of smog above Am Em I know you can be found C D Though you might forgive me babe, G Oh no (Riff)

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