John Driskell Hopkins

Be My Girl Chords

John Driskell Hopkins

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by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Be My Girl

Capo on 1st fret


In the arms of gentle beauty 
In the throes of auburn hair 
I could babble on for hours 
And sleep right through your stare 

             E                                                      F#m 
On that corner off of Tharpe Street Where I used to run and hide 
           Asus                                    Bsus 
I had visions in our passion That compel me to decide 

To love you forever 
To call you my own 
To make you my lover 
To make you my home 
C#m                             Bsus  
     F#m                      Asus        Bsus 
To build our own family To take on the world You?d make me so happy If you would be my girl 

There?s a path in Cinque Terra 
Lovers carve their hearts in stone 
Where I gazed out over heaven 
And thought of you alone 

When the sun fell through the water 
I stood and wrung my hands 
Crying ?Lord show me compassion 
And let me be the man? 

I'm crazy about you, baby 

I keep dreaming of our future 
I keep whispering your name 
I know my precious treasures 
You hold all of them 

I've been counting every heartbeat 
I've been burning in my skin 
Every second is a lifetime 
So, baby take my hand 

Written by John Driskell Hopkins 

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