John Denver

Song Of Wyoming Chords

John Denver

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by marcnagel

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Song Of Wyoming

  		G -Gm- D 

         D       D7        G          Gm  
Well I'm weary and tired, I've done my days ridin' 
D           Em7    A7 
Nightime is rolling my way  
    D          D7         G           Gm  
The sky's all on fire and the lights slowly fadin' 
D          G            D  
Peaceful and still ends the day 
F#m      Bm  F#m           D9  
Out on the trail night birds are callin' 
G           Gm    D 
Singin' their wild melody  
F#m        Bm         F#m      D9  
Down in the canyon, the cottonwood whispers 
  G     Gm        D   G - Gm - D 
A song of Wyoming for me 

       D        D7  G           Gm  
Well I wandered a round towns and the cities 
         D           Em7    A7 
Tried to figure the how and the why  
       D            D7               G          Gm  
Well I stopped all my schemin', Iām just driftin' and dreamin' 
D          G        D  
Watching the river roll by 
F#m           Bm    F#m       D9  
Here comes that big ole prarie moon risin' 
G          Gm          D  
Shinin' down bright as can be 
F#m     Bm           F#m  D9  
Up on the hill there's a coyote singin' 
  G     Gm        D   G -Gm -D 
A song of Wyoming for me 

         D          D7       G          Gm 
Now it's whiskey and tobacco and bitter black coffee 
  D           Em7   A7 
A lonesome old doggie Am I 
           D      D7     G          Gm 
But wakin' upon the range, I feel like an angel 
D         G          D  
Free like I almost could fly 
F#m        Bm      F#m    D9  
Drift like a cloud out over the badlands 
G         Gm        D  
Sing like a bird in the tree 
    F#m       Bm F#m               D9 
The wind in the sage sounds like heaven singin' 
  G     Gm        D  
A song of Wyoming for me 
  G     Gm        D   G - Gm - D  
A song of Wyoming for me 

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