John Berry

If I Had Any Pride Left At All

John Berry

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If I Had Any Pride Left At All

	  		If I Had Any Pride Left at All 
(piano & Vocal only?..) 

C    Csus4(G bass) C    Csus4(G bass) 

I wouldn't count the times 
F                                       C                   C(C  B) 
We talked about tomorrow 
                   Am    Dm                     Gsus  G 
And I wouldn't sing along, if someone played our song 

          C              (C D E F)     (Gm C) 
On long & lonely nights, when I need a friend, you'd 
       F            Fm(Bb bass) 
be the last one I?d call 
     C(G bass)    Dm(G bass)          C   Dm(G bass) 
If I had...       any pride?. left at all 
                                       C  (C G) F                                   C  (G C)  
I wouldn't keep a place  just to sit your picture 
            (C B)                                Am      Dm                                  Gsus   G 
Reach out to touch your face and feel you in my arms 
               G                                      C  (C D E F)                                    (Gm 
And I wouldn't be here now parked outside your house 
    Gb) F          Fm(Bb bass)   C(G bass)    (Dm(G bass)G) 
And not ashamed to crawl oh if I had ??.. any pride left at 
C    C (D E) 
(F      G)                 (Em          F) 
Only a fool would still be wearing this ring 
Dm                                                            Dm        G?. 
And ringing your front door bell 
                                                     (C ) (C E) F                                                        C         C 
Now I wouldn't let my heart stay wrapped around your finger 
    (C               B)        Am        Dm                                 Gsus    G 
I wouldn't fall apart when you open the door 
                                             (C)          (C D E F)                            (G  Gb)  
Like all the other times, when your eyes met mine,  
                           F                                 Fm(Bb bass)                C (G bass)        Dm(G bass) 
These tear drops wouldn?t fall, oh if I had ... any pride 
 G   Am   F 
Left at all?.. 
           C (G bass)        ( Dm (G bass)G)        C  (C B A G) (Ab  Bb) C 
If I had ... any pride left at all 

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