john barry

Somewhere In Time

john barry

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by  FLYGAL46

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Somewhere In Time

	  		     Amaj7                            F#m            D6   Dmaj7  D6 
1.  Somewhere in time  We met on timeless hills    

            Bm7   Bm7/A   E           E7                                   Amaj7 
     And in the evening mist we kissed and time stood still 

     A7              D            Bm              F#m 
     Before the dawn  we found forever 

                            C#7                    G#               E   E7 
     Moments are timeless when I feel your caress 

     Amaj7                       F#m             D6        Dmaj7   D6 
2.  Love never goes  Once it has touched your heart 
                          Bm7          Bm7/A        E        E7         Amaj7 
     Just like the strength of wine that's left as two lips part 

      A7             D    Bm           F#m 
      A taste of love will linger after    

                     C#7                   G          E   E7   
      I find the meaning now in all that I see 

                           F#m                 D 
~   You'll always here inside of me 

              C#7                         G# 
     And I know when love is true 

                               E  E7 
     It's always with you 

     Amaj7               F#m 
3.  Somewhere in time    
     D6            Dmaj7 
     I came to realize 

     E7               Aadd9   G6    Aadd9 
     Love never goes 

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