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Bend It Until It Breaks! Chords

John Anderson

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Bend It Until It Breaks!

	  Intro - Bm D Bm D Bm D A A7 
Bm                             D 
I'm tired of having all these troubles 
Bm                D 
I think I've had enough 
Bm                       D                      A       A7 
Excuse me for sayin' but baby I'm calling your bluff 
Bm                          D 
There's been to many times, too many reasons 
Bm                 D 
To much cryin' out loud 
Bm                  D                    A           A7 
Too much being just another face in the crowd 
         Em                      G  
Oh I've heard it before time and time again 
     D                             A 
You say its the last time, but it never ends 
    Em                  G 
How much more can this poor heart take? 
     D                A            A7 
You bend it until it breaks 
Break - Play intro 
Bm                          D 
There's to many cards, too many letters 
Bm                 D 
Strangers sending flowers 
Bm                  D                      A        A7 
Too much worry and staying up waiting for hours 
Bm                         D 
Its plain to see you don't care about me 
Bm                      D 
You just spread it all around 
Bm                     D                        A      A7 
I'm tired of being the joke and the talk of the town 
Break for guitar solo then chorus again then end playing  
intro several times. 

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