Joey Albert

Points Of View

Joey Albert

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Points Of View

F C/E Bb Gm7 C7 pause 

F              C/E         Bb 
Look  it's happened once again 
     Gm7    C7   Am7     Dm 
It happens every now and then 
Gm7           C7            Am7      Dm 
Feeling the hurt and hating all the men 
 Gm7         C7 
Ready to stop it all 
          F   C/E             Bb 
That's when I need a friendly face 
   Gm7      C7          Am7    Dm 
To see me through these lonely days 
Gm7      C7               Am7     Dm 
Just to put some sunshine in my place 
 Gm7             C 
Don't take too long  I need you 

 D     Bm 
Here I am 
    Em               A 
I haven't gone that far away 
    F#m     Bm 
And since I am 
      Em                 A 
That kind of friend you know 
               F#7                  Bm 
Would stay with you through all the pain 
           E               A 
Never to leave you in the rain 
             D/F#            G 
Ready to listen to what you've been through 
       E/G#              A            C 
Your woes and blues and share each other's... 
F Dm Points of view Gm7 C We've been there once before Am7 Dm And kept our points of view Gm7 C It doesn't really matter A7 Dm If they're never quite the same G C We have our rules in different ways F/A Bb We play the games of different folks G/B With different strokes C F C/E Bb Gm7 C7 pause And keep our points of view
F C/E Bb See the world seems bright again Gm7 C7 Am7 Dm It only darkens now and then Gm7 C7 Am7 Dm Most of the time there's just no telling when Gm7 C Look up and see you've got me D Bm Here we are Em A We may have gone our different ways F#m Bm But since we are Em A The kind of friends who'll always stay F#7 Bm No matter what the pain E A Learning to love that cup of rain D/F# G E/G# Ready to say we're here to stay in every way A C Although we've got our different... (Repeat Chorus except last line) C C7 And never really changed our... (Repeat Chorus except last word) F C/E Bb Gm7 C7 pause F ... view

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