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Rocky Mountain Way Chords

Joe Walsh

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by KeyboardDP

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Rocky Mountain Way

	  Guitar Intro (play 4 times)  

E  E  D  A  

Piano Intro (play 6 times)  

D  D  D  E  E  


                                                                       E A E E   
Spent The Last Year Rocky Mountain Way  
                                           E A E E  
Coundn't get Much Higher  
                                                             E A E E  
Out To Pasture I think Its Safe To Say  
Time To Open Fire  


We Don't Need The ladies Cryin Couse the stories Sad  

Cause the rocky mountain Is better Than The Way We Had 

Repeat Piano Intro  

Well He's telling us this and he's telling us that  
 Changes it every day  
Says it Doesn't Matter  
the Bases Are Loaded And Caseys At Bat  
Time to Change The batter  

We don't need The ladies Cryin Cause The Storis Sad  
Cause The Rocky Mountain way Is Better Than The Way we  

repeat piano intro  

During talk box solo-rest  

Repeat Chorus  

Repeat Piano Intro and fade

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