Joe Purdy

New Years Eve Chords

Joe Purdy

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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New Years Eve

  		Standard Tuning 

Generally the verse lines are C-F-G  but on some lines he plays the following transition instead of the G  

 * Riff: 

verse 1 
        C                  F          G 
Well, I wrote this song on New Year's Eve 
C                     F    G 
Thinking of days gone by 
C               F               G 
Dreaming of all good things to come 
C                       F       G 
Singing that Auld Lang Syne 

verse 2 
      C                    F           G 
And I hope this year won't be like the last 
  C                       F    * 
I hope that my money will hold 
  C                        F         G 
I hope that the days won't go by too fast 
  C                          F  D7  G  G7 * 
I hope that my good gal will show 

verse 3 
      C                  F           G 
And I hope I can be some use to this world 
  C                        F * 
I won't be too prideful to try 
C                         F          G 
Realize that sometimes it only takes one 
          C                           F    G 
To make a difference in another one's life 

verse 4 
      C                   F          G 
And I hope I can find the courage to speak 
             C                          F * 
When there's something that needs being said 
      C                           F       G 
And I hope that my words will not tear us apart 
             C              F   D7   G   G7 * 
But to bring people closer instead 

Verse 5 
      C                     F            G 
And I hope all this useless killing will stop 
  C                          F * 
I hope that the hatred will slow 
  C                        F        G 
I hope there's a calm come over the hand 
       C                        F * 
Of the one's who have anger to show 

Verse 6 
      C                         F         G 
And I hope that the families displaced by war 
       C                        F * 
Find a country so brave and so bold 
   C                         F          G 
To let down their guards and open their arms 
       C                         F   D7   G   G7 * 
To the one's who have nowhere to go 

Verse 7 
      F                    G 
And I hope that the raging flood waters subside 
       C                          Am 
and it rains on dry mountains and fiery hillsides 
         F                    G 
That the winds of change blow swift through our hearts 
        C                           Am 
And we'll lay down our weapons, not fire the first shot 
        F                           G 
at the one's who march brave on the streets arm-in-arm 
          C                          Am 
And their stories be told, and their causes live on 
           F                           G 
And we'll right all our wrongs, put an end to our war 
           C                                Am 
and we'll reach for compassion till there's bloodshed no more 
        F                        G 
And we teach every child so they might rise above 
        C                        Am 
and the power means nothing in a world without love 

Don't cha see? 
Don' cha see? 
          C   F   C   G   C 
Don't cha see? 

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