Joanna Newsom


Joanna Newsom

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C                     Em  F 
Driven through by her own sword 
C           Em      G  F 
Summer died last night, alone 
 Em            G        F      Am 
Even the ghosts huddled up for warmth 
C          Em      G      F 
Autumn has come to my hometown 

C                Em       F 
Friendly voices, dead and gone 
C          Em        G        F 
Singing, Star of the country down 
  Em      G           F         Am 
(Even the ghosts help raise the barn 
C     Em    G   F 
Here now in my hometown) 

When out of the massing 
     C      G                F    A    D 
that bodes and bides, In the cold West 
          C              G                F    A     D 
Flew a waxwing who froze and died against my breast 
    D                C               G            F      A     D 
And all the while, rain, like a weed in the tide, swans and lisps 
            C             G           F    A    D 
Down on the gossiping lawns, saying, "tsk, tsk, tsk" 

  C        Em  
I may have changed 
     G       F 
It's hard to gauge 
 C           Em        G         F   
Time won't account for how I've aged 
Em           G          F       Am 
Would I could tie your lying tongue 
     C         Em      G         F 
Who says that leaving keeps you young 

C          Em    G    F 
And I have got no control 
C      Em        G       F 
Over my heart, over my mind 
Em      G           F          Am 
Over the hills, the rainclouds roll 
     C      Em        G      F 
I'll winter here, wait for a sign 

D                  C        G 
To cast myself out over the water 
             F       A    D 
Riven like a wishbone 

You'd hardly guess 
D           C                 G 
I was my own mother's daughter 
        F         A        D 
I ain't naturally given to roam. 
              D       C 
And I lay low when I return 
                  G            F          A         D 
And I move like a gurney whose wheels are squeaking 
D          C 
Alone in a home 
And I laugh when you speak 
      F        A       D 
Of my pleasure-seekin' 

C         G    F  G 
Among the ta - ll pines 
D         C  G  F 
Along the le-y lines 
C               G  F  G 
Here, where the lo-on keens. 
D                C  G   F 
There, where the mo-on leans 
C              G       F            G 
There, where I know my violent love lays 
D          C      G      F       A  D 
down, in a row of silent dove-grey days 
C         G      F      G 
Here in a row of silent dove-grey days 

C          Em    G       F 
Wherever I go, I am snow-bound 
C              Em       G        F 
By thoughts of him whom I would shun 
Em          G    F      Am 
I love them all, one by one 
C           Em 
Cannot gain ground 
G      F 
Cannot outrun 
C         Em  G   F 
But time marches along 
C          Em     G      F 
You can't always stick around 
Em           G     F         Am 
But when the final count is done 
C      Em    G      F 
I will be in my hometown 
C      G     F      C 
I will be in my hometown 

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