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With God On Our Side Chords

Joan Baez

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by ang%2Dletra

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With God On Our Side

  		Joan Baez has recorded this in varying keys, most of them lower than this, such as in Bb. 

The (Em F G) sections in the fifth line of every verse can be optional. 
If you prefer not to use those, simply use the same chords as the third lines (G and C). 
You may also use the fifth line chords in the third lines of every verse. 

C                F Em 
Oh my name it is nothin' 
   G            C 
My age it means less 
        G         C 
And the country I come from 
   F             C 
Is called the Midwest 
     (Em     F   G)      C 
I was taught and brought up there 
    F        C 
The laws to abide 
                         F    Em 
And that the land that I live in 
    G          C 
Had God on its side. 

C                    F    Em 
Oh the history books tell it 
     G          C 
They tell it so well 
    G         C 
The cavalries charged 
    F       C 
The Indians fell 
   (Em F G)   C  
The cavalries charged 
    F       C 
The Indians died 
       C           F Em 
Oh the country was young 
     G          C 
With God on its side. 

C                F    Em 
Well the Spanish-American 
G           C 
War had its day 
        G         C  
And the Civil War too 
    F         C 
Was soon laid away 
       (Em    F  G)  C 
And the names of the heroes 
      F           C 
I was made to memorize 
                   F Em 
With guns in their hands 
    G            C 
And God on their side. 

Well the First World War, boys 
It came and it went 
And the reason for fighting 
I never did get 
But I learned to accept it 
And accept it with pride 
For you don't count the dead 
When God's on your side. 

And Second World War 
It came to an end 
We forgave the Germans 
And called them our friends 
Though they murdered six million 
In the ovens they fried 
Now the Germans now too 
Have God on their side. 

Now I've learned to hate Russians 
All through my whole life 
If another war starts 
It's them we must fight 
To hate them and fear them 
To run and to hide 
And accept it all bravely 
With God on my side. 

And now we've got weapons 
Of the chemical dust 
And if fire them we're forced to 
Then fire them we must 
One push of the button 
And it's shot the world wide 
And you never ask questions 
When God's on your side. 

For many dark hours 
I thought about this 
That Jesus Christ 
Was betrayed by a kiss 
But I can't do it for you 
You'll have to decide 
Whether Judas Iscariot 
Had God on his side. 

And now as I'm leavin' 
I'm weary as Hell 
The confusion I'm feelin' 
Ain't no tongue can tell 
The words fill my head 
They fall to the floor 
If God is on our side 
He'll stop the next war. 

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