Jimmy Wayne

i love you this much

Jimmy Wayne

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i love you this much

	  		Writers: Jimmy Wayne/Chris Dubois/Don Sampson 
Intro:  D  Dsus2 D  G  Asus A (x2) 
D           A/C#       Bm             A 
He can't remember the times that he thought 
     G        D/F#     Em7       A 
Does my daddy love me, probably not 
D            A/C#          Bm              A 
That didn't stop him from wishing that he did 
        G             D/F#       Em7         Asus A 
Didn't keep him from wanting or worshipping him 
D             A/C#      Bm          A 
He guesses he saw him about once a year 
           G            D/F#         Em7         A 
He could still feel the way he felt standing in tears 
D              A/C#        Bm             A 
Stretching his arms out as far as they'd go 
G           D/F#   Em7          A 
Whispering, dad I want you to know 
G D/F# I love you this much and I'm waiting on you Em7 A To make up your mind, do you love me too? G D/F# How ever long it takes I'm never giving up Em7 D/F# G No matter what A D (repeat intro progression once except on chorus 2) I love you this much
D A/C# Bm A He grew to hate him for what he had done G D/F# Em A Cause what kind of father could do that to his son D A/C# Bm A He said, damn you daddy the day that he died G D/F# Em A The man didn't blink but the little boy cried CHORUS Bridge: Em7 D Half way through the service while the choir sang a hymn C A He looked up above the preacher and he sat and stared at him D A/C# Bm A He said, forgive me father when he realized G D/F# Em7 A That he hadn't been unloved or alone all his life D A/C# Bm A His arms were stretched out as far as they'd go G D/F# Em7 A Nailed to the cross for the whole world to know CHORUS (repeat intro progression)

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