Jimmy Little

Bring Yourself Home To Me

Jimmy Little

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Bring Yourself Home To Me

	  		(For pianists the intro is F E C A F E, played high-up with the RH) 
Verse 1 
             C                    Am  
I'm like a cripple that's got an itch to scratch 
       F                           Am 
On a limb that's not there anymore 
There's still mud on our brand new sheets 
Am                 F                                             Am 
I stepped into a puddle when I saw someone that looked just like you 
Am                C 
I leave the radio on all night 
Am                  F 
Sooner or later it puts me to sleep   
                Dm  C  Am 
Bring yourself home to me (3x) 
Verse 2 (Same as Verse 1) 
I can't remember what I said, can't remeber what I did 
All the dishes were still in the sink, all my clothes were on the bed 
You slammed the door and the rain turned to pins 
It gets dark early now, the lights aren't on when I come in 
     G                          Dm 
And on the bay, everything is quiet tonight 
        G                               Dm 
Let's meet on the jetty and watch the firey lights 
Put your coat on darling 
Lets brave the rain 


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