Jimmy Cliff

Reggae Night

Jimmy Cliff

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Reggae Night

Year: 1983 - Album: Power & the Glory

	  		Intro: Ab7+ Bb Ab7+ 
        G7 C/G F/G G
(G/C C F F/G)
Yeah mom reggae night
We live and we love 
to turn out with light
I guess I`m bright 
and listen to this 
    F C/E F C7
Jam it
G/C C F Reggae night F/G we come together G/C C F F/G feeling right G/C C F Reggae night and we`ll be jamming F/C G/C C till the morning F C/E F G light, oh
C Peny Reel just called, F got to get my things G C Got to catch this ride C/E F G C Gotta look my best F cause I know there`ll G C be machime gun tonight Em7 F C/E F G (REFRÃO) Ab7+ You`ll find it happens Bb only once a year Ab7+ So don`t miss out on G7 C/G F/G G this session here, oh (G/C C F F/G) 3x G/C C F C/E F G C There`ll be people comming F from the North and South G C and East and West F So you better your best,man G C Now lighting strikes at F eigh so you better G not be late for this C Rub a dubin F Rockin jamming fun, G fun loving yeal (REFRÃO) Ab7+ You`ll find it happens Bb only once a year Ab7+ So take advantage Bb of this festive cheer Ab7+ Make we bring out families Bb and let`s tell some friends Ab7+ And everyone will have G7 C/G F/G G a jam jam ses..sion C F (C F) F C/E F G oh yeah (REFRÃO)

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