Jimmy Cliff

Hard road to travel

Jimmy Cliff

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Hard road to travel

Year: 1970 - Album: Reggae Greats

Intro: Am  G C  Am  G C
             C                        F                    F7
I've got a hard road to travel and a rough rough way to go
             C                        F                    F7
Said its a hard road to travel and a rough rough way to go
       C                   G7
But I can't turn back, my heart is fixed
    C                    F
My mind's made up, I'll never stop
     C         G           C        G
My faith will see, see me through
Let me tell you
     C          Am
I'm all alone, this lonesome road I roam
 C               Am
I've got no love to call my very own
    C                      Am
Oh the river gets deeper, hills get steeper
         F                      G   G7
And the pain gets deeper every day, yeah ...CHORUS
Am     G  C
Aahhh, oh oh
Am     G  C    G7
Aahhh, oh oh  one more thing
     C            Am
I dream of a home far beyond the sea
 C                   Am
Where there is love, peace and joy for me
 C                    Am
Oh in my eyes I see troubles and dangers for me
        F                            G   G7
But destiny where it leads me I must go, hey ...CHORUS


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