Jimmy Clanton

Come Back Chords

Jimmy Clanton

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by adalgomes

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Come Back


Intro: C Em F G7 (x2) 

C     Em   F             F7            G7 
Every day away from you..only makes me feel  

so blue. 
F                 G7               C 
Oh, my darling, I beg of you..come back, come  
G7         C    F C G7 
back to my arms. 

C     Em       F             F7 
Never meant to make you cry..felt so bad at 
your goodbye. 
F              G7                C 
I'm so lonely, I could die..come back, come  
G7         C    C7 
back to my arms. 

F            Cmaj7     F                 C   C7 
Every day, I miss you..miss you more and more. 
F            Cmaj7     D                    G7 
Every day, I need you..need more you than before. 

C        Em    F            F7               G7 
Like the river and the sea..my love goes on, endlessly. 
F                      G7                 C 
Oh, my darling, please hear my plea..come back, come  
G7         C    F G7 
back to my arms. 

     C          G7          C    Em F G7        C 
Come back, come back, to my arms..........to my arms..(Fade.) 


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