Jets To Brazil

Ive Got All The Words

Jets To Brazil

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Ive Got All The Words


Intro: Drumbeats x4 

then A   x2 

verse 1: 
Rose can I come 
Bm         F#m 
down for a drink? 
  It has happened 
 F#m  A 
again I've got 
a story I'm sure 
will end poorly 
  I'll begin 
at the end 

D Rose you must A Bm know I couldn't F#m find the words G That it takes F#m to say stay Now she's A gone away
verse 2: A Rose can I come Bm down to your F#m G garden? I can only wilt F#m A flowers Bring me your shovel Bm There's a heart F#m to be buried G And a body F#m as well
D Your letters are A Bm tied with a strand F#m G of your hair In a F#m breast pocket safe A they keep talking
Bridge 1: C#m D Now I wake up alone A With my eyes to the C#m D floor And I see you well A at my night Well and E A weeping once more Guitar Solo: A Bm F#m G F#m x2 D A C#m D A E D A verse 3: A Bm Rose can I come down F#m to your rose bed? G To lay in your F#m A thorns Know I meant Bm F#m it so must be buried G F#m I will not be mourned
D A Rose you must know Bm I felt more than F#m G I said Now I've F#m got all the words A And no one
Bridge 2: C#m Now the hole has D A been dug And I'm C#m down on my knees D Rain make us A E mud Spring with A bloomer's one Outro: A Bm F#m G F#m x2 D A C#m D A E D A(hold)

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