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by Max%28BA%29

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Year: 1974 - Album: Warchild

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I think the intro is played by two guitars, but it may be played something like below. It is around the Am chord. Each 3 notes and Am is repeated some times, with some small changes in the Am chord (the "melody"). The chord is strummed a few times. Bold notes should be emphasized. -------0 -------0 -------3 -------1 -------1 -------1 -------1 -------1 -------2 -------2 -------2 -------2 -0-2---2 -0-2---2 -0-2---2 -0-2---2 -----0-0 -----0-0 -----0-0 -----0-0 -------- -------- -------- -------- After that, continue with: -----0-------0---------0 -----1-------1---------1 -----2-------2---------2 -----0-------0---------2 -0-2-0---0-2-0---2-0---0 ---------------------3--
F A F#m, F A F#m B A B A Ladies of leisure, with their eyes on the back roads --- Asus4 E Asus4 E All looking for strangers, to whom they extend welcomes B A B B With a smile and a glimpse of pink knees and elbows; Asus4 E Asus4 E Of satin and velvet --- good ladies, good fortune. F E F E Ladies. Ladies. B A B A They sing of their heroes: of solitary soldiers Asus4 E Asus4 E Invested in good health and manner most charming. B A B A Whose favors are numbered (none the less well intended) Asus4 E Asus4 E By hours in a minute; by those ladies who bless them. F E Ladies.

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