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A Song For Jeffrey Chords

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A Song For Jeffrey

Year: 1972 - Album: Living in the Past

	  Intro: D5 flute 
G //C Bb harmonica 
G               C    Bb  G 
Gonna lose my way tomorrow, 
              C    Bb G 
gonna give away my car. 
               C    Bb G 
I'd take you along with me, 
         F                G 
but you would not go so far. 
G               C          Bb     G 
Don't see what I do not want to see, 
G               C      Bb     G 
you don't hear what I don't say. 
G               C         Bb   G 
Won't be what I don't want to be, 
 F                G 
I continue in my way. 
            F                        G 
I´ve ceased to see where I'm goin', 
       F                        G 
I´ve ceased to see where I'm goin', 
           F                      Bb F 
I´ve ceased to see where I'm goin', 
I don't want to. 
 C          F                Eb Bb            G 
Everyday I see the mornin' come on in the same old way. 
C                F                Eb Bb                   G 
 I tell myself tomorrow brings me things I would not dream today. 

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