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Intro: Dm Gm F Am   
              Dm                         Gm   
Just one look on Your face   
               F                                Am    
Just one glance of Your eyes   
                Dm                       Gm                       F                          C   
My whole world is changed            my whole world is changed   
                   Dm                             Gm   
Oh I seek only to see Your face   
I don?t wanna go anywhere without You God   
                            Am                                        Dm   
Without Your presence oh let me see Your face   
                                    Gm              F                                       Am            
The beauty of Your holiness God take me into the holy?s place   

              Dm                           Gm   
And only one word comes to mind   
                   F                     Am   
There?s only one word to describe   

Dm      Gm         F                  Am   
     Holy,    Holy,    Lord God Almighty   

Dm                  Gm                     F          Am   
There is no one like You, You are Holy, Holy   


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