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Unbreakable Heart Chords

Jessica Andrews

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Unbreakable Heart

	  E         B    E             B         E 
An empty room     A broken fairy tale   
E         B   E              B    E 
A hollow girl    With empty arms 
E         B      G#m  C#m  D#           G#m   C#  
From an Angel's tears     God made the stars   
C#        E          F#                 B    E  
Why can't he make me   An unbreakable heart 
E            B   E                   B           E 
In my blue world    You shone like heaven's fire  
E             B    E           B    E  
And left me crying    In the dark 
E         B   G#m C#m  D#     G#m  C#       E  
How could any-one      be so hard Did you think I had 
F#                 B 
  An unbreakable heart 
F#    C#m            G#m        E                        B 
I sup-pose I should know some-times love just comes and goes 
    F# C#m     G#m     B  D#            E 
But I believe foolish-ly we'd go on and on 
     B  E                 B           E     
One day    someone will come to you  
E              B   E          G#m       E  
And rock you tight    In her arms-arms-arms 
         B       G#m            D#        G#m  C# 
Please remember this when you drop your guard 
    E       F#                  B  
No-body has    an unbreakable heart 
This following is not played on the radio but it is on the Cd 
according to Megan so  I include it. 
From an angel's wings to a falling star 
God makes everything but unbreakable hearts 

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