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That Was The Way It Was Then Chords

Jerry Lee Lewis

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by IronPower4Ever

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That Was The Way It Was Then

G                                         C 
There's cowboys that still sit with their backs to the wall 
D7                                                 G 
Does a drifter still hear the high winds when they call 
Do the hobo's still eat pork and beans in a tin 
       A7                    D7 
Does a sailor still cast his precious faith to the wind 

G                                    C 
Are the villains in black hats still I see hero's in white 
D7                                             G 
Are the sock hops rocking and rolling Saturday nights 
Would a forty-nine Mercury would it still be out of sight 
D7                      G 
That was the way it was then 

Ever night my loving honey I was James Dean 
D7                                 G 
Slow walking soft talking silently me 
Surely the rebel and me lives again 
A7                          D7 
All for the cause you'll be all caught up in 

G                                      C 
Well it's a quarter till ten honey ole killer's lying here in bed 
D7                                                  G 
Spinning those old records memories lingering in my head 
You know the times were so good I remember songs so sad 
        A7                           D7 
For the game I used to play it ain't good it ain't bad 

G                                 C 
There's a woman I remember by the way what was her name 
D7                                         G 
We made love we made love in one hell of a rain 
Baby ten minutes how time flew back then 
        D7                G 
It will never be that way again 

      E7          A7 
Never be that way again 
D7                           G 
Elvis Presley James Dean ole rocking Jerry Lee 

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