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Great Balls Of Fire Chords

Jerry Lee Lewis

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Great Balls Of Fire

Words and Music of OTIS BLACKWELL and JACK HAMMER 
Performed by Jerry Lee Lewis 
               G guitar tacet                                      C7 gt 
   You shake my nerves and yo rattle my brain_ Too much love drives a 
                    D7 gt 
   man insane.___   You broke my will, but what a thrill. 
   G gt                                                   G 
   Good - ness gra - cious, great____ balls of fire!  I laughed at love  
    'cause I thought it was fun - ny. You came along and moved me,  
              D7                 C7 
    hon - ey. I changed my mind; this love is fine. 
   G gt 
   Good - ness gracious, great___ balls of fire! 
   C7                G 
   Kiss me ba-by, Oh, yo! It feels good. 
   C7              D7 
   Hold me ba-by.  I want to love you like a lov-er should._ You're fine,_ 
   so kind._ I'm gon-na tell this world that you're 
   D7                        G 
   mine, mine, mine,   mine. I chew my nails and I twid-le my thumbs._ 
   C7                                      D7 
   I'm real ner-vous but it sure is fun!__  Oh, ba-by, you're driv-in' me 
   cra-zy. Good-ness gracious, great___balls of fi-re! 
                                            repeat last verse and enjoy! 


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