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Big Legged Woman Chords

Jerry Lee Lewis

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by alyslima

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Big Legged Woman

verse 1 
D                 Gm   G            D 
Big legged woman, keep your dresses down. 
You've got something, baby, that'll make  
a bull dog a hound. 
Big legged mama, ha-ha, keep your dresses  
G   D G 
I swear, honey, you got somethin' up under  

there, mmmmmm, that makes me wanna lay it  
G               C G 
down a-ha-ha-ha. 

verse 2
D                  G 
Little break, now..she rolls in her bed like  
she rolls her biscuit dough. 
She lay down so easy till she got to have some 

               C                             G 
Oh, big legged mama, oooo, keep your dresses down. 
D             G          D                     D7 
Don't stop me now, mama, you've got somethin,' baby, 
      D                 G 
mmmm, make a bull dog a hound..well, yeah! 

 G Gm C G (wooo, look who's callin', lookit here!) 

 Am Dm G 

verse 3) 
Well, let me tell ya, tell ya, tell ya somethin', what  

I'm talking' about. 
I bet my bottom dollar there ain't a cherry in this house. 
    C                                  G   Gm G 
Oh, big legged mama, keep your dresses down. 
Mmm, if'n I don't stop drillin on ya, baby, you're gonna  
               G    Gm Am G 
lose your nightgown.  

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