Jerrod Niemann

Blue Bandana

Jerrod Niemann

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Blue Bandana

E x2, D,  A 

E                                                  D 
She was dancing in a sundress on a Carolina sunset on the last night of Merle Fest 
A                                       E 
Told me she ain?t missed one since the summer she turned 18 
                               D                               A 
hit that road on a gyspy dream Hitched a ride in a beat up van following her favorite band 

E And Now she?s a Bonaroo baby, she?s Coachella crazy, D A She?ll be Folking out in Newport, you?ve probably seen her before E Up at Lollapalooza, In the muddy Wakarusa, D A She?ll be at the Hangout down in Alabama, E Just look for the girl in the blue bandana D A whoooooa whooooa
E She had a flower in her hair, a little smoke was in the air D (No chord) (No strum) We were chillin? in some lawnchairs saying we wish we could?ve seen Woodstock E Told me she was leaving in the morning, heading down to New Orleans D A Said boy, you oughta come along and I knew I shoulda gone *Chorus* F# A Several thousand faces in a crowd F# A And I know she?s out there somewhere jamming out *Chorus* outro (one strum) E E Now I got a beat up van and I?m driving across this land D A Looking for a blue bandana

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