Jeremy Scott

Where You Are

Jeremy Scott

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Where You Are

	  		Intro: G#m  D#  E  B   C#m  D  B 
           G#m  D#  E  B   F#m 
Verse 1: 
G#m              E	         B    F#m 
I?m not the same as I once was 
G#m              E	         B           F#m 
My life You changed eternally, You see 
G#m                   E	             B    F#m 
You gave Your Son to die for us 
G#m              E	                   B    F#m   E 
It?s by Your blood that we?re set free  (Freeeee) 

B F#m I wanna be with You, You, You, You G#m E B F#m No one can touch my heart like You do, do, do, do G#m E I just want to be with You G#m E B F#m And be where You are is where I wanna be G#m E F#m I wanna be where You are
Intro Interlude: G#m D# E B C#m D B G#m D# E B F#m Verse 2: G#m E B F#m I won?t stay silent anymore G#m E B F#m Until the whole world knows you name G#m E B F#m The hunger deep within my soul G#m E B F#m (E) Grows stronger for You every day (yeah) Bridge: C# E You always stay the same G#m Yesterday and today F#m Your word never changes Lord (4x)

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