Jeremy Camp

This Man

Jeremy Camp

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This Man

Year: 2004 - Album: Live Unplugged

C         D      Bm       C	 
 In only a moment truth was seen 
C     D         Bm     C 
 Revealed this mystery 
C         D      Bm       Em           D 
 The crown that showed no dignity, he wore 
C                Em        D 
 And the king was placed for all the world, to show disgrace 
C                Em               D 
 But only beauty flowed from his face 
Em                 C             G    D 
 Would you take the place of this man 
Em                       C        G    D 
 Would you take the nails from his hands 
Em                 C             G    D 
 Would you take the place of this man 
Em               C             G    D    C 
 Would you take nails from his hands 
    C         D        Bm     C	 
 He held the weight of impurity 
C     D       Bm         C 
 The father would not see 
     C           D          Em	         D 
 The reasons had finally come to be, to show 
     C              Em  D 
 the depth of his grace flowed with every sin erased 
     C                 Em       D 
 He knew, that this was why he came 
C            Am 
 And we just don't know 
C                   Am 
 the blood and water flowed 
C                Am 
 And in it all he showed 
                  C    D Bm  C  C  D Em  
 just how much he cared 
        C           Em       D 
 And the veil was torn So we could have this open door 
    C                        Em           D 
 And all these things have finally been complete 


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